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Boat Transport

An amazing summer day, a steady breeze, gentle waters. For boat owners, this kind of experience makes all the deck-swabbing, hull-scraping and sail-mending worthwhile. So when the season ends and the time comes to move the boat to dry dock storage, it's no wonder sailors feel a tinge of remorse for the end of the season along with a bit of dread about taking the boat out of water.

Hiring a boat transporter -- or transporting a boat yourself -- requires a good deal of thought, planning and manpower. You cherish your craft and want to protect your investment, so plan boat transportation expeditions carefully. Before you schedule your next move, read through this helpful boat transport guide to get information on how to safely transport your boat over land.

Throughout, you'll find helpful, how-to information specific to boat owners and boat transportation, including:

Boat Transport and Hauling Basics

Transport basics

Get an idea of when it's appropriate to transport a boat, find out who transports boats, and get an understanding of the maximum size your boat can be for safe transport.

Preparing for Boat Transport

prepare your boat

The devil is in the details. Before hiring a boat transporter, find out about insurance you'll need, securing the boat for transport, and how to select the right destination.


Transport your own boat

Many boat-owners transport their own boats. Read our truck guide and trailer guide to find out more about what you'll need to tow your boat - and find out about the details you'll have to know when pulling a large boat.

Find a Transporter

Boat Transporter

Learn how to find a boat transporter in your area, and find out about boat transporter brokers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Our FAQ section will help answer your questions about boat transporters - and you'll find a glossary of terms for reference.